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Maple Hill Nursery provides all you need for your gardening project. We offer a full supply of mulches, soils, peat moss, grass seed, fertilizer, tools and more! Please note that not every product we carry is listed on our website. Items shown are not always in stock at all times. Our website is NOT a real time inventory. Please consider it as a reference guide to items we generally stock or have stocked in the past. Please give us a call to confirm availability. Thank you.

Delivery Available, please call for a more details and a quote.

Maple Hill Nursery - Mulch & Topsoil

⋅ Hemlock(Bulk)
⋅ Hemlock/Spruce/Pine Blend(Bulk)
⋅ White Pine(Bags)
⋅ Cedar(Bags) - Red
⋅ Cedar(Bags) - Black
⋅ Cedar(Bags) - Playground Chips
⋅ Hemlock(Bags)

Top Soil & Compost

⋅ Screened Loam (Bulk)
⋅ Unscreened Loam (Bulk)
⋅ Top Soil (Bags)
⋅ Potting Soil (Bags)
⋅ Peat Moss (Bags)
⋅ Compost (Bulk)
⋅ Shrimp Compost (Bags)
⋅ Straw/Hay (Bags)
⋅ Peat Humus
⋅ Bloom Mix
⋅ Pro Mix

Fertilizer & Grass Seed

⋅ Grass Seed - Proscape
⋅ Grass Seed - Landscape
⋅ Grass Seed - Conservation

⋅ Lawn Fertilizer
⋅ Starter
⋅ Lawn Food
⋅ Espoma Organic
⋅ Scotts Crabgrass Killer

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