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Deciduous shade trees shed their leaves for a part of every year during the cold or dry season, depending on the environment. One of the magnificent things about deciduous trees is the broad assortment of colors that their leaves exhibit before they fall. Depending on the selection, leaves may turn from bright yellow to crimson and many shades of orange in between. Please note that not every product we carry is listed on our website. Items shown are not always in stock at all times. Our website is NOT a real time inventory. Please consider it as a reference guide to items we generally stock or have stocked in the past. Please give us a call to confirm availability. Thank you.

Maple Hill Nursery - Products

⋅ Heritage River Birch       ⋅ Paper Birch       ⋅ Dura Heat River Birch       ⋅ River Birch


⋅ Kwanzan       ⋅ Weeping Higan      ⋅ Snowfountain      ⋅ Thundercloud


⋅  Coralburst          ⋅  Molten Lava          ⋅  Prairifire          ⋅  Sargent Snowdrift          ⋅  Spring Snow          ⋅  Tina          ⋅  Adam          ⋅  Purple Prince          ⋅  Royal Raindrops          ⋅  Ruby Tears


⋅ Milky Way          ⋅  White Kousa       ⋅  Heart Throb       ⋅  Cornelian Cherry       ⋅  Rutgers Hybrid Pink       ⋅  Cherokee Brave       ⋅  Cloud 9

Ornamental Pear-Pyrus

⋅ Aristocrat       ⋅  Cleveland Select         ⋅  Chanticleer       ⋅  Redspire

Flowering Plum-Prunus

⋅ Newport       ⋅  Thundercloud


⋅ Ivory Silk Tree Lilac


⋅  Jane       ⋅  Centennial · Daybreak       ⋅  Royal Star       ⋅  Butterflies       ⋅  Leonard Messel       ⋅  Yellow Lanterns

Maple-Red Maple-Acer rubrum

⋅ October Glory       ⋅  Red Sunset

Maple-Sugar Maple-Acer saccharum

⋅ Green Mountain       ⋅  Legacy       ⋅  Commemoration       ⋅  Fall Fiesta

Mountain Ash-Sorbus

⋅ Cardinal Royal


⋅ White Oak       ⋅  Pin Oak       ⋅  Red Oak       ⋅  Scarlet


⋅ Eastern       ⋅  Forest Pansy       ⋅  Lavender Twist       ⋅  Little Woody       ⋅  Ruby Falls

Thornless Honelocust-Gleditsia

⋅ Skyline       ⋅  Shademaster

Weeping Willow-Salix

⋅ Princeton     ⋅ Valley Forge

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